Health & Safety Management Systems


Links to sources of industry material on HSE management systems. See also a web page on disasters.

General documents


Although drafted for geophysical operations, these documents can be applied to a much wider audience. The complete set is available as a free download.

A useful starting document is M1: Guidelines for the development and application of health, safety and environmental management systems, OGP reference 6.36/210. This describes the elements of a seven part system. Many readers will be familiar with individual elements but this document shows how they are drawn together and underpinned by the leadership of the organisation.

Also worth reading is OGP 432, 'Managing HSE in a geophysical contract'. This is newly released in December 2009 (accessed from the OGP home page) and replaces 'HSE aspects in a contracting environment for geophysical operations' OGP reference 6.92/317.

OGP 210

OGP 317

OGP 432

Step Change in Safety

Key documents are:

Task Risk Assessment Guide, updated May 2007:

step change task risk assessment

Leading Performance Indicators - a guide for effective use

This helps the reader understand the importance of using leading indicators - early warnings - rather than react to actual undesirable events - lagging indicators.

step change - leading performance indicators

Documents on behavioural aspects of safety performance

One of the three elements to improving safety: Engineering - Systems - Behaviour

OGP 368

Changing Minds Guide (by Step Change in Safety)

Personal Responsibility for Safety - References

This provides many examples of personal safety programmes by different Operators and includes BP's 8 Golden Rules of Safety.

bp golden rules - download from step change web site.pdf

Health & Safety Management Systems

ExxonMobil Operational Integrity Management System (OIMS) (updated April 2011)

Brochure posted (2009 version) at

OIMS_Framework_Brochure (July 2009).pdf

Health & Safety Executive (UK)

HSG documents can be downloaded from:

HSG 65, 2nd edition 1997, now available as a free download. This describes the development of an HSEMS.

HSG 65

HSG 263 - Involve your workforce in health and safety (2008)

HSG 263

Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007

Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974

Example proforma of a health & safety policy statement.

example proforma H&S policy-statement

The front page is replicated to highlight that this is the core of a health & safety management system. The leadership sign up to this. The words are chosen very carefully.

Our statement of general policy is:


The Association of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Specialists (AGS)

Some useful documents related to onshore ground investigation work are accessible from the following page:


Healthcare related reports (all from public domain websites)

Department of Health

An organisation with a memory - DH 2000

safety first - DH 2006

House of Commons Health Committee

House of Commons Health Committee - Patient Safety V.1 2009

National Patient Safety Agency

Document: Seven Steps to Patient safety, 2004. Recurring messages common to many working environments

NPSA seven steps to patient safety (2004)

The statistics of no harm through to death where there has been a 'patient safety incident' (see definition in document) are summarised in the following.   

NPSA quarterly summary 14 - Nov 09

Workbook_Quarterly_Data_Summary_Issue_14 (Nov 09) - excel

WHO Surgical checklist

An education in the potential for improvement in safety performance by using a simple checklist - the principal can be applied anywhere to activities where there are likely to be elements that are repeated many times and some elements that may be job specific (including human aspects). For example, some organisations produce an aide-memoire of key hazard categories that should be checked for before commencing work, whilst in progress and at the end. Text only version of the NEJM article and summary from the NPSA:

NEJM - surgical checklist article (no illustrations) 2009.pdf

NPSA - WHO checklist following pilot.pdf

Information at this location on the NPSA website (checked Dec 09)

The one page checklist (pdf):

WHO Surgical Safety Checklist - adapted for England & Wales


Other material:

I found this thesis on the internet and it provides a good read, in particular provoking thought about the culture of often blaming the last person in the chain.

phd thesis - breaking the safety barrier.pdf


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